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Lapland Information offers more than just winter activity holidays. Find out more about Lapland along with some fun and interesting facts about Santa and Christmas.

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Lapland Holiday Information

Lapland Holiday Information Here are some useful tips and information to help you plan your Lapland holiday. Find out more about what is available and what to expect on your Lapland trip.

Lapland Holiday Activities Checklist

Lapland Activities Checklist With so many Lapland trips offering such a variety of activities, Iglulapland has put together a list to help you see which Lapland holidays offer what activities.

Is Santa Claus really a man?

Is Santa Claus really a man? All over the world a round, jolly fella delivers presents to all the well behaved boys and girls. But in Italy, its a little old lady who rides a broomstick that makes kid's Christmas wishes come true.

The Story of the Christmas Tree

The Story of the Christmas Tree The Christmas tree is an important part of our Christmas traditions, but where did it come from and how did the tradition begin?

Is Lapland just for kids?

Is Lapland just for kids? With pointy eared elves, flying reindeer and jolly Father Christmas, it's easy to mistake Lapland for a children's fairytale. But Lapland offers many thrilling activities for the whole family to enjoy including snow mobiling and husky sled rides.

Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Christmas traditions from around the world From the UK to the USA, from Switzerland to Spain, almost every country has its own unique Christmas traditions and customs - here's just a few.

Santa Television

Santa Television Stroll behind the scenes of Santa's magical home, discover the secrets of Elf school and gaze up at the astonishing Northern Lights, all available now on Santa Television.

Santa's Little Helpers

Santa's Little Helpers Just what do those curious little elves get up to at Santa's workshop? And what do they do when it isn't Christmas? Find out all about Santa's helpers within!

The Story of Santa Claus

The Story of Santa ClausIs he Father Christmas, Santa Claus or St Nicholas? Does he live in the North Pole or Lapland? All the answers will be revealed in the Story of Santa Claus.