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Lapland Holiday Information and Tips

As you plan your family holiday and everyone is getting excited about the prospect of meeting the man himself, Mr Claus, have put together a list of useful Lapland holiday information, helpful tips and interesting facts to make sure you get the most from your trip. Choose from a variety of magical Lapland holidays and 4 different Lapland day trips, all available through and discover this stunning winter wonderland.

Lapland Holiday Information Did you know that Lapland is not actually a country in itself, but is in fact made up of regions in Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway, all located inside the Arctic Circle? Lapland is traditionally the home of nomadic reindeer herders and of course Lapland's most famous resident… Santa Claus!

Lapland only has an average of 5 hours of daylight a day known as "grey light" - this is generally between 10am and 3pm - The rest of the time is like night time.

During your Lapland holiday you may be lucky enough to see the spectacle that is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Unique to the Arctic Circle, this is a natural display of red, green or blue lights flashing and shimmering across the sky, caused by distant solar activity.

Lapland Holiday Information

With a stock of over 200,000 you will not be able to miss seeing one of Lapland's most famous and well loved animals, the reindeer. Reindeer sleigh-riding is a popular activity in Lapland and comes highly recommended.

Downhill and cross-country skiing are available in the majority of our featured Lapland resorts. It is not only a great way to spend your free time, but also an opportunity to discover more of the local environment.

Snowmobiling is another popular activity in Lapland, however, driving is only available for adults and a full UK driving licence is required. Children of 10 and above can ride on a snowmobile when accompanied by an authorised adult. Snowmobiling is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Lapland is above the Arctic Circle where temperatures are often well below freezing, please ensure that you bring suitable clothing, including hats, gloves, scarves, warm layers and thermals. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the cold weather conditions, therefore we do not recommend any of these trips for children under 3 years of age.

Lapland Holiday Information Having trouble pronouncing the resort names? Let help:

Currency: Euro, however English pounds are widely accepted.

Lapland Holiday Search Language: Finnish

Don't forget the camera to capture all your amazing winter wonderland moments, including pictures of Santa Claus. However, please be aware that the intense cold will drain batteries much faster, so bring spares. We also recommend that you bring the fastest speed film you can, due to the low light in Lapland.

Finally, remember to send a postcard to your friends back home, as all letters posted from Santa's own post office will have the genuine polar circle postmark!